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club4you – briefly explained (GB/US)

What is club4you?

Club4you is a worldwide social donation network in which money can be donated (donated) from user to user.

How does it work?

The donation system runs over three levels.
At club4you you donate / give three people €10.00 each per month. You can find the account details of the three gift recipients in your club4you account.

You can receive donations by asking friends or acquaintances if they want to take part and give you €10.00 a month. If you’ve only found three friends, you’ll already get €30.00 per month, which is +/-0.


You have found 10 donors who will donate to you. These donors are on level 1. So you get €100.00 every month.
Invoice: 10 dispensers x €10.00 = €100.00

These 10 level 1 donors each have 3 donors donating to you. These 30 donors are on level 2. Here you get €300.00 per month.
Invoice: 30 x €10.00 = €300.00

The 30 donors from level 2 each have one donor. These donors are on level 3. Here, too, you get €300.00 every month.
Invoice: 30 x €10.00 = €300.00

You will then receive a total of €700.00 in donations per month. €100.00 + €300.00 + €300.00 = €700.00

The more people you can inspire to take part, the higher your donation income will be.

How long is the contract period?

There is no contract period in club4you. You can register and cancel membership whenever you want.

Is the donation network a Ponzi scheme?

Some people debate with us that we’re a snowball because we don’t have a physical product.
We reply to these people that we do have a product, perhaps even the most important product there is: improving the quality of life!
If you attend a webinar where you can get information on how to improve your diet, or a seminar where you can learn steps to improve your health, or a training course to improve your time management, then you didn’t receive a physical product there either, but you still received a large one Get added value that will help you improve your quality of life in the future!
And every member can invest the monthly income through donations, in whole or in part, in social projects. Or set up your own small social projects and support them with CLUB4YOU. Concepts and ideas on the C4Y website at the bottom of the menu.
More on this on the C4Y website under FAQ 13 – please read!
The question should therefore always be:
Is the system legal?

Is the system legal?

As a private individual, you may give/donate money to other people if this gift/donation is made without consideration!

As a private individual, you may have money given/donated to you by other people if this gift/donation is made without consideration! Read in §516 Abs.1 BGB (Germany).

What if no more new members join?

The donation club works internationally.
There are almost 8 billion people in the world, with around 2 million more people every week. If finiteness really played a role, then manufacturers of diapers, children’s clothing or school satchels would have had to worry for a long time about whether enough new children would be born every year for further sales.
The question is asked a lot, but if you look at all the points, it’s absurd!
Members also remain permanently in your 3 levels, unless they cancel or receive notice of termination due to non-payment of the 3 monthly donations (3 x EUR 10 per month per membership). Members with 3 or more members, in their 3 levels, will probably no longer cancel and remain a permanent member. Build lasting income.

Can donations be stolen illegally?

Each donor donates to the direct account of his 3 recipients or each recipient receives his money directly from the donor to his account.
Misuse is thus excluded!
CLUB4YOU as the operator does not receive any funds, does not manage any funds and does not pay out any funds. There are no fees either.

What if the fundraising club were to close?

That will not happen because CLUB4YOU as the operator has its own interest in the network.
The operator CLUB4YOU earns his money as a member just like all other members. Therefore he will not close the network and memberships are inheritable. A statement from the support was that the operator’s children already work in the support. Here you can see very clearly that the network is made for several generations.
If the internet were to be switched off worldwide, which I don’t believe, then the network would not be able to continue in this way. But nobody lost anything either, each member gets the funds on their own account. I cannot imagine a future without the internet. On the contrary, our everyday life is becoming more and more digital.

CLUB4YOU will be online for members beyond generations!

Is the donation club a so-called donation circle?

A gift circle is illegal!
In a gift circle, the lowest level gives money to the first level!
After this is done, the first level is eliminated. The second level now takes its place. The previously lowest level rises to the penultimate level. The new bottom level now gifts to the new first level, etc.

How do I have to treat my income/donations for tax purposes?

Since we are not tax consultants, we are not allowed to provide tax advice.
However, our own research and discussions with tax consultants in Germany have revealed the following: The income falls under Section 16 of the ErbStG.
There it is regulated that every citizen may receive up to EUR 20,000 as a tax-free gift from a third person within 10 years.
The EUR 20,000 allowance within 10 years refers to each individual donor!
Since you will receive a maximum of EUR 1,200 from each donor in 10 years, your income will remain tax-free!
A business license is not required. C4Y is your private donation network. Please note the respective tax regulations in your country.

What is the goal of the fundraising club?

The goal of the club is to give every person out there the opportunity to live their personal freedom through passive income! Many are prisoners of the system!
Either there is a lack of money or free time or even both. That makes a lot of people unhappy. We are giving everyone out there the opportunity to change this permanently!

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